Narrative essay

Slowly through the story line we move… Narrative essay is the composition which strongly relies on the event and its place in timeline. “Narrative” means the story you are to tell to your readers. Essay never meant to keep us locked in frames, but this one is more logical than genre could ever be. The “narrative” word’s meaning differs a little from what an author to do in narrative essay. Because if the story can be told clearly, objectively, essay genre demands your thinking about the event.

But this type can be defined by its actions, something must be going on and this is the narrative itself we are talking about. The described event must be seen, who, where and when are to take their places close-up.

Here your power is in the way you write it down. Trying to paint the picture, to get someone to the place you were in, when writing it, is the moment which won’t let you lose anything important. Usage of time and space has to express episode’s reality, make people feel it. As it has to make logic, but still for keeping its essay format you may use speaking language instead of literature one. Because this type also has beginning, culminating, end, what approximates it to the novel.

Author’s position palpable. If serious literature’s creation don’t necessarily gives us author’s opinion, we are more to find it in his words ourselves, essay gives a huge space for expression of such. Essay genre brings its specific through the variety of subgenres – individuality is first. We have to easily imagine the inside world of another person, the structure of his/her sentences must tell us about her sequence and, finally, the words must tell about senses, views, positions. Narrative characteristic just makes the process more dynamic and understandable. Less problematic, more action.