Essay & honesty

Essay writing task is universal. If there’s any, even the least need to try to figure out who you really are – you will be asked to make it. School, university, work – different stages which come for help to this genre, back to it over and over because there’s no way better to get inside someone. Even limited by topic your mind feels the freedom of composition and uses it however it’s comfortable. But this comfort is not to abuse!

Letting your thoughts out, go on paper, author lets readers in, in his mind. Essay is the genre we all start with, no way to avoid it if you’ve ever wrote your opinion on something in composition form. Furthermore, this opinion can be born during writing, without existing before, become strong and understandable when found its material shape. This is what happens if to write sincerely, just how it comes through and from you.

Essay can’t be written without truth. How else to express your thoughts truly and openly if not in this type of writing? Genre was meant to demonstrate your personality. It teaches to comprehend the processes of mind and to structure them according to the logic laws. The endless flow of unstructured emotional writing can’t be called essay, as well planned artificial story can’t.

The reader always feels whether author is true with him or pretending to be such. So to create good essay – be yourself. It increases the chances people are going to feel sympathy to you. It’s not a big secret that “honest writing”, whatever the outcomes and emotions it brings, is much more interesting and popular. Especially if you write to apply for job or studying it is important to show the individual you became and still are. It’s much worse when expectations of those who painted the picture of you, with your words’ help, starts to ruin. So this is psychological aspect of genre, helping to accept just who you are.