Essay, free or vague?

Thoughts of yours, which are born and mixed can be put on paper and get genre characteristic. Written in prose they can be easily called essay. Appeared in XVI century it never had strict rules of creating. The French word, which we know and use now could be also translated from original as sketch, draught, try. This is very close to the beginning, like something you start with. Historical basis doesn’t let this type of composition become the closed door for some ways of expression, you do, how you feel. But even being brief not all essays worth time, some authors do not deserve reading. Hard to judge, what can go wrong in essay as it don’t need much to know to be created and thoughts on certain topics are what we always have. But do we?

Essay seems to be perfect for those, who haven’t found their individuality or raised the kerne inside. When the topic is finally chosen, your main task is to think as much as possible on it, but not to necessarily decide which point to stand for. Exhausting the topic isn’t the major. But the worst mistake people make here – letting essay grow. The analysis of the problem mustn’t become analysis of the group of problems. This leads to sense losing, because of erasing main point, making it invisible near the global big ones. Essay is a composition to give the light touch to some certain problems, without need to use vocabularies, statistics and encyclopedias. You can use the knowledges you’ve collected, but not to collect them for essay writing. This won’t help readers understand your personality also, what is not the only, but the main treasure essay keeps. Your manner can be surely perfect and so interesting, but the one, who hides behind matters the most.