Essay & career

There’s no such popular and widely spread genre like essay. It’s usage from early childhood, first school years and to the career building makes it such one. It doesn’t really matter what you are, as a specialist, up to. To make HR-manager notice you in the masses essay became the integral part of documents pack you need for getting the job. Essay topic like “Me & my career” is a common thing to write, though it’s rather stock, still doesn’t stop being actual.

Why employer need this? There are many reasons why it is appropriate to give such task. First of all, it’s almost like interviewing, but without any worries and time limits. You have time to choose your specific manner and create the text in grammatically correct way due to your thoughts.

Secondly, limits free aspect opens your individuality from the side of accents you make. See, asking concrete questions doesn’t always help to decide if it’s you who matches their demands or no. Some people are masters in replying what others want to hear from them. But composition is based on the accents you’ve chosen yourself, there you pay attention for the things you consider important. How and what exactly you tell about your experience of the past shows your attitude to work and even world, if philosophically rich, what is not forbidden. Remember, this task isn’t to convince others to choose you, because it is only the start of your cooperation which may be over as soon as they see you in practice. This composition must start the process of employers convincing themselves how they need you, because you truly and wisely described your personality and goals. Your personality mustn’t be changed according to the companies you apply to, but your submission may. Work on your manner, find it and use it to make employers want to find you and use you only as their professional worker they are going to be proud of!